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AI adding value in healthcare and lifesciences

CMS Digitalbytes

25 May 2018

When AI is used in healthcare and life sciences many of the same ethical and practical issues arise as when AI is used in other sectors such as finance, retail, mobile communications and others.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to have a profound impact in the healthcare sector in coming years. The Academy of Medical Science has indicated that “the impact of artificial intelligence on…the healthcare system is likely to be profound” because new methods of healthcare delivery will become possible, clinical decision-making will be more informed, research and development will become more efficient, and patients will be more informed in managing their health. In the life sciences sector there are similar claims, such as that AI may soon find a cure for cancer, that it can be used to speed up drug discovery, and that it can be used to find cures for rare diseases."

Where can data and AI add value in healthcare and life-sciences

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