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AI reports published by Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

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22 July 2020

A few days ago the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) published the Interim report: Review into online targeting and the Interim report: Review into bias in algorithmic decision-making. These reports set out the issues the CDEI are addressing its approach, an update on its progress to date. The reports also outlines how the CDEI will spend the next few months as they move towards final recommendations to the Government.

It appears that the reviews are addressing the following types of questions:

1. Where is the use of technology out of line with public values or the norms defined by our laws and regulations

2. Where can technology positively reinforce these values and address societal issues?

3. Where does law and regulation need to be strengthened? Where might existing rules hinder positive innovation? Where do regulators need new skills and capacities to address issues?

4. How can ethics be built into innovation and innovation be directed towards supporting ethics?

5. Where are we failing to make use of the benefits of data-driven technology because we have failed to resolve ethical tensions or provided sufficient clarity to innovators?

Whilst the Calls for Evidence have formally closed, I understand that the CDEI is keen to continue to work with and hear from interested parties and stakeholders across these issues. To get in touch with the Reviews team, email policy@cdei.gov.uk

Interim reports from the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

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