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CMS European M&A Outlook

A Study of European M&A Activity


The CMS Corporate/M&A Group is delighted to provide you with the third edition of the “European M&A Outlook” publication.

The purpose of this joint CMS and Mergermarket publication is to give you insight into how major M&A players in the European market see the immediate future, the challenges ahead and where the opportunities might lie.

M&A deal value is at its highest level since 2007. Europe's executives are, however, adopting a more cautious outlook on European M&A. The European M&A market remains very attractive to foreign acquirers, supported at least in part by the strength of the US dollar against the euro.

In terms of activity volume, TMC deal activity increased 15% year on year and overtook the Industrials and Chemicals sector. Germany retains its lead position, now with 49% of the respondents' vote, as the busiest M&A market for the coming year, with the Nordic region in second and the UK in third place.

For more information, contact John Hammond and Helen Rodwell.

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