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CMS on your radar

Key employment issues across Europe and beyond

30 May 2018

The international CMS employment group is delighted to share the latest edition of On Your Radar.

Developments which caught our attention this quarter include the Spanish case brought before the European Court of Human Rights. This case ruled that an employer’s covert video recording, even where there was suspicions of improper activity, breached the employee’s human rights. The issue was about hidden cameras and reasonable expectations of privacy, an issue which will no doubt continue to prompt concern as cameras become an increasing feature of the modern workplace. In contrast in the UK a few employers have unwittingly been caught out by employees covertly recording their improper comments made during a disciplinary hearing adjournment, which was later deemed admissible in evidence. Beware of that smartphone left in the pocket! We were also interested to read about the Belgian government’s cash for car scheme and Peru’s progressive approach to reducing pay discrimination with the additional component that employers are obliged to justify their gender pay gaps through objective criteria. Food for thought for us all!

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On your radar 2018
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