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God Bless the Sausage Roll

CMS Digitalbytes

7 March 2019

In these tough times for retail and shopping centres, the saving grace is taking the unexpected shape of the humble sausage roll.... vegan style.

Where a lot of brands are closing shops and entering into CVAs, Greggs's is a refreshing success story.

The week they launched their vegan sausage roll, it was the talk of the office. There was a queue never seen before at the Greggs's next door shop and much comments of taste and texture.

Sometimes there is an element of luck, but Greggs were very clever to capture the attention of their British customers... An iconic British culinary favourite, jumping on the vegan bandwagon which has gained real momentun in the UK and a launch video worthy of the best British humour ad... And this got people through the door!

To keep the momentum going, Greggs are rolling out the vegan sausage roll to all their stores for lent!

I might just pop out and get one for lunch.

In a tough year for the UK high street, Greggs opened 146 shops and closed 50. It expects to add at least 100 this year.

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