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Life Sciences Patents

Our life science focused patent attorneys support clients from start-ups to multinationals and provide a full range of prosecution and strategic counselling, with particular experience in contentious proceedings before the European Patent Office Opposition Divisions and Technical Boards of Appeal.

We have been responsible for a number of EPO opposition matters running alongside national litigation, most recently in the fields of siRNA, recombinant antibody technology, antibody discovery platforms and inhaled drug formulations. Our team is often sought out for their commercially relevant and proactive advice in these and other highly competitive areas.

Our team are experienced in handling the full range of life science technologies and we are actively working in all of the cutting edge life science spaces, including the microbiome, CRISPR/CAS9 applications, siRNA, therapeutic antibodies, immune-oncology antisense oligonucleotides, personalised medicine (particularly neoantigenic peptides), fusion proteins, and viral vectors. We regularly push the legal boundaries in these complex and high value areas to maximise protection for our clients.

Our European patent attorney practice is integrated with a full service IP solicitor team working across all aspects of the life science sector and providing a unique IP ‘one-stop shop’. Innovative life science products generally develop along a long research and commercialisation lifecycle with patent, regulatory, licensing and litigation advice required at different milestones along the way. Our patent attorney and solicitor teams co-operate to understand each product throughout its lifecycle and ensure that the right IP advice and service is predicted in advance and available at the right time.

Download our brochure for highlights of our life science patent attorneys’ experience.

Life Science experience highlights
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