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Logistics Unboxed: Box Clever 2.0

Rebound & Remodel

31 March 2021

Online demand has meant the logistics sector is continuing to thrive. The sector is now proving to be one of the most resilient asset classes for the current global economic downturn. 

In this guide our experts look at what investors want and how to supply it, such as through planning for new buildings, as well as trends such as e-commerce and how consumers today want the convenience of shopping online to be matched by delivery speeds. This underlines the crucial importance of urban logistics warehouses from which last mile deliveries are made and how logistics can explore drivers such as robotics and automation in warehouses, smart buildings, utilising blockchain and quick distribution. At the same time the fight against climate change and support of ESG is becoming increasingly important to consumers, occupiers and investors. Therefore, linking efficiency and sustainability of buildings is a key challenge. 

Some of the trends are a natural progression of the sector but others have accelerated due to the pandemic – 5 years of change has been condensed into 1 year. We all hope that the world will return to normal but the changes in consumer behaviour have created a new normal in retail.

We also speak to David Sleath from SEGRO, Ekaterina Avdonina from Miratsar, Nick Deeks from Scannell International, Andrew Jones from LondonMetric and Eric Jansen from Eastdil Secured who give their views.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Logistics Unboxed
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