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Office proptech just got even techier

CMS DigitalBytes

25 June 2018

Upon joining CMS, I was impressed that each kitchen in the London headquarters features a high-tech tap with three temperatures of drinking water on offer. The loos have Dyson Airblades (and nice soap and hand cream, which I also find impressive). More strikingly, a fully connected technology hub at reception allows our visitors to work and catch up on the latest news via a media wall and borrowed Ipads. They can also play on an interactive table which allows users to move tokens around on the screen to access a range of industry-specific online content. “Wow!”, exclaim many clients.

There was more to come. The merger between CMS, Olswang and Nabarro in May 2017 brought many benefits to colleagues and clients alike, not least that we’ve gone even further than the snazzy taps by improving the day-to-day spaces that clients don’t normally see.

Reflecting the nature of the industry in which our clients do business, it was only going to be a matter of time before our powerhouse of a media law team hung a Tracey Emin-esque neon pink sign saying “Media City” in their section of the office. Nearby meeting rooms were renamed from 3.23 – 3.26 to The Dug Out, The Apollo, The Picturehouse, Dave’s Betting Shop and The Green Room. With the team having advised on many major film and TV production agreements, they have framed posters to match their blockbuster credentials too. I like it.

However, my idea of impressive proptech and office interior design is clearly out-of-date. Check out the link for pictures of a bitcoin billionaire’s plans for his office headquarters in Toronto. If all goes to plan, blockchain company Decentral will have one of the most unconventional offices to exist to date: holograms for receptionists, secret doors, walls that feel like they’re moving, and conference rooms with glass floors so you can see mini remote-controlled Aston Martins zooming about are just some of the features. Turning this sci-fi fantasy to life must be costing a fortune!

Upon consideration, as ludicrous as some of the above sounds to me, I guess every company has a brand to reflect and offices are a part of this. So good luck to Decentral! In the meantime, we at CMS will stick with what we know: sector-specific, uncomplicated and efficient legal advice, delivered by super-smart lawyers who can make you a cup of tea at three different temperatures.    

 The office isn't ready yet, but we got to see some renderings of what Decentral plans for its office to look like when it's all done. When you first enter the office, you'll be greeted by a hologram receptionist and four different concealed doors.

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