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Singapore to fast-track AI patent applications

CMS Digitalbytes

31 May 2019

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has recently launched AI2, an initiative for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which provides an accelerated application-to-grant service for patent applications relating to AI. It is expected that, under this initiative, applications may be granted within six months of filing. No additional fees will be required to participate in this initiative and the scheme is open to all individuals and corporate entities. Please see the link below to read the full article authored by CMS Trainee Patent Attorney Ella Wells. 

"Eligible AI inventions are commonly associated with, but are not limited to, machine learning. Some examples of AI inventions which may be suitable for this initiative include machine learning applied in: image recognition; speech/voice recognition; natural language processing; and autonomous systems, such as agricultural systems, self-driving vehicles, or energy management systems."

Singapore to fast-track AI patent applications

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