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What do you do in the office Mummy?

CMS Digitalbytes

5 November 2020

As a working mum I think it’s really important that my kids know that I enjoy my job, and actually get up and look forward to the working week (well most of the time anyway!). When they are older and considering career choices, I want them to follow their passion and select a job or industry which gets them excited, after all we are all more likely to put in the effort when the subject matter interests us.The challenge then is how to explain my job as an intellectual property lawyer to my kids. When they hear the word lawyer, they automatically think about criminals, baddies, prison etc, all of which is a world away from my working life.

So I was delighted when one of my colleagues told me about this little book from Guy Fox’s “How the World Really Works” series. It is written to appeal to kids and teaches them about adult stuff in a fun way with great illustrations.This book is about Intellectual Property and it runs through the main IP rights including copyright, trade marks, patents and designs explaining what the rights protect and how you acquire them. It is a must have for any IP lawyer with kids. My kids loved it and now they finally understand what Mummy does all day in the office! And my 9 year old even admitted, “to be fair, that does sound pretty interesting!”.

How the World Really Works: Intellectual Property

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