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Green, grey and danger zones: competition compliance in bank syndications

Business Breakfast

Vienna, Austria

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05 March 2020, 08:00 - 10 March 2020, 10:00
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Competition compliance remains a hot topic for companies across industry, including the financial institutions sector. Compliance is particularly critical to the syndicated lending market when sharing risk among the members of a syndicate can lead to a platform for grey and danger zones being created. The European Commission's report published in 2019 is evidence of the EU's increasing efforts to mitigate competition risks on the syndicated lending market, while banks across Central and Eastern Europe continue to keep competition compliance high on their agendas.

A panel of CMS experts will talk you through the key competition law aspects in syndicated lending and will provide you with practical guidance to avoid fines for failing to comply. Our finance and competition law specialists from across CEE will discuss the following topics by combining their unparalleled antitrust experience with industry specifics:

•    the EU report to reduce competition law risks in syndicated lending (practical tips and rules of thumb);
•    evaluation of coinsurance and other joint/coordinated market activities;
•    cooperation with market players and associations, legal frameworks for lobbying, and the importance of state involvement;
•    international and regional proceedings that affect the sector potential consequences for failing to comply;
•    Brexit's impact on compliance in cross-border loan syndications;
•    case studies and practical guidance.
 The working language will be English.


Günther Hanslik is the Head of the Banking & Finance team of CMS Vienna
Erika Papp is the Managing Partner of CMS Budapest and the Head of the Finance practice in Hungary
Elitsa Ivanova is the Head of Finance at CMS Sofia
Jelena Nushol is the Head of Banking & Finance of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Dóra Petrányi is the Managing Director of CEE (CMNO)
Raško Radovanović is the co-Coordinator of the CEE Competition Practice at CMS


08:00 Breakfast
08:30 Welcome & Intro
08:45 Discussion, Q&A
10:00 Networking


Picture of Günther Hanslik
Günther Hanslik
Image of Elitsa Ivanova
Elitsa Ivanova
Picture of Jelena Nushol
Jelena Nushol
Picture of Rasko Radovanovic
Raško Radovanović
Attorney-at-law for competition law & antitrust law | Partner (Belgrade) / Coordinator of the CEE Competition Practice
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