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Act on amendments of the Employment Act


Croatian Parliament adopted on 14 June 2013 the Act on amendments of the Employment Act. The most important changes relate to the following:

  • definite term employment contract (the first contract can be entered into for the period longer than three years, but in that case it is not possible to enter into next consecutive definite term employment contract);
  • temporary employment agencies;
  • termination of the employment contract during trial period (failure of the employee during trial period is a legitimate reason for termination of the employment contract, but provisions regarding written form and explanation of the termination still apply, as well as the one regarding possibilities to challenge the termination);
  • overtime work (there is no limitation of the overtime work duration on a monthly basis, but only on a weekly and yearly level);
  • duration of the daily rest period for employees working on seasonal works;
  • collective redundancy of employees;
  • redundancy plan;
    European Works Council;
  • electronic database of employees (in the light of elimination of work books);
  • misdemeanour provisions.

The Act on amendments of the Employment Act enters into force on 26 June 2013.