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News in relation to employment by-laws


On 18 December 2014, the new By-law on publication of employment by-laws (the “By-law”) came into force. The By-law does not materially differ than the previous by-law – employers are still entitled to adopt special by-laws for individual businesses and parts of businesses, as well as for individual groups of employees, besides employment by-laws applicable to all employees. It is still necessary to publish employment by-laws in a manner that these are accessible to all of the employees; obligations of employers who are not able (due to justified reasons) to publish employment by-laws are prescribed. However, two significant novelties were introduced: it is now possible to publish employment by-laws on the web site or, on the basis of employees’ request, by e-mail delivery. Also, an employer is no longer obliged to deliver employment by-laws to union representatives and members of works council.

In addition, we remind you that the six months deadline for harmonisation of employment by-laws with the new Employment Act, determined by the Employment Act itself, expires on 6 February of this year. In this sense, employers still have some time to amend their employment by-laws, which, of course, need to be published in accordance with the new By-law. 


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Ana-Marija Skoko