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Open tender for SMEs


Open tender for SMEs : 'Education for Entrepreneurship and Trade' (27.10.2014.), 'The application of information and communication technologies to improve business processes' (to 30.6.2015 or until the utilization of funds) and 'Productive investments in aquaculture' (3.11.2014).

The date for application for the tender for the 'Education for Entrepreneurship and Trade' (Education of entrepreneurs and craftsmen and Promotion of business and trade) has been extended to 27.10.2014. (until 15:30). Other conditions of the tender remain unchanged.

Tender 'Productive investments in aquaculture' was released as an open invitation for submitting the proposals for projects. The subject of the grant are investments in commercial production of aquatic organisms intended for human consumption, in order to increase production and strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of aquaculture. This measure includes the farming of fish and shellfish in the sea and fresh waters, where users are natural and legal persons - trustees of grant for Aquaculture (marine / freshwater). Public funds for this measure amount to EUR 5,010,000.00. A single user may apply for a grant/aid for the eligible expenses not less than EUR 1,500. The maximum amount of aid per beneficiary is EUR 1,000,000 (in Kuna equivalent). Public aid amounts to 60% of the total eligible costs.

In September 2014 Government adopted the program of improved financing of entrepreneurship and trade "With loan to success 2014," which is aimed to reduce the interest rates and improve the availability of financing sources for improving the operations of small and medium-sized companies. The program should contribute to easier financing of entrepreneurial ventures and improve their liquidity. It is implemented through two measures:

(1) "With loan to competitiveness", by which the loans will be approved in the amount of HRK 100,000-5,000,000, where commercial banks can calculate maximum interest rate of seven percent. The State will subsidize the interest rate of two percentage points for loan related to production activities, and one percent for the loan related to service activity. Cities and counties also will subsidize the interest on these loans at the same amount.

(2) "With loan to a successful business," which relates to the liquidity of the companies. Its advantage is that the loans will be granted without special mortgage or real estate that is provided for the pledge. The loans in the amount of HRK 30,000 -200,000 will be granted, with a maximum interest rate of commercial banks of eight percent. The Ministry of Business and Trade will provide subsidized interest rate of five percentage points, so the interest rate for the end user will be three percent.


Nikolina Modrovčić