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What renters want

In this section we explore how consumer preferences differ between generations and from the views of our real estate respondents.


As the residential sector’s popularity grows and more players enter it, one of the key means to differentiate will be through a serviced offer, so getting the right blend of amenities is key. With that said, there are decisions to be made about what is actually going to make a difference in terms of customer retention.

The real estate sector has correctly anticipated four of the factors that make the top five for consumers: proximity to transport links and place of work, outdoor space and safety and security. However, a spacious living room area is third most integral to 54% of our consumers but only 26% of real estate professionals think this would be important.

Other factors where the industry and consumers are markedly out of sync include permission to keep pets (10% to 43%) and car parking (46% to 19%).

The consumer and industry views also diverge on whether a spacious main bedroom is required (49% to 14%).

To find out more about how consumer views on renting differ or align with the real estate sector, please download the full report.

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