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ISDA client seminar

Budapest, Hungary

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Past event
29 October 2019, 08:30 - 12:00

CMS Budapest kindly invites you and your colleagues to our ISDA client seminar where we will be looking at actual topics and answering essential questions. We can welcome in our office, Stephen Phillips, Partner of CMS Edinburgh and Konstantin Stoyanov, Junior associate of CMS Sofia, who will participate too at the event. Our discussion will cover the following subjects such as:

  1. Hot topics on the international derivatives markets
    • What initiatives is ISDA taking concerning the cessation of existing benchmarks? Will there be standrad fallback clauses and/or an ISDA protocol?
    • What are the consequences of Brexit on derivatives, the position of the UK registered clearinghouses, the usage of English law and the ISDA documentation?
    • What are the current developments in respect of the application of initial margin? When can the preferential treatment of certain entities cease from the perspective of bilateral margining?
  2. Emissions trading and their implication on the ISDA platform - a brief case study.
  3. A repo transaction over storage gas and its implication on the ISDA platform - a brief case study.

Please note that the language of the event will be English!

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Picture of Stephen Philips
Stephen Phillips
Picture of Arpad Lantos
Árpád Lantos
Senior Consultant
Konstantin Stoyanov
Konstantin Stoyanov
Zsolt Beregi
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