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Miriam Fuchs

Miriam Fuchs

Senior Associate

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP Magyarországi Fióktelepe
YBL Palace
Károlyi utca 12
1053 Budapest
Languages Hungarian, English

Miriam is a senior associate in the life sciences and commercial teams at CMS Budapest. She is a life sciences specialist who is regularly involved in commercial matters as well.

Miriam has been involved in various pharmaceutical matters mainly involving simple to complex regulatory issues. These issues concern over-the-counter medicines, prescription only medicines, medical aids, cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements. Miriam has extensive experience of providing legal advice on clinical trials, categorization of medical devices and reimbursement of medical aids and medicinal products. She frequently advices her clients in relation to compliance with local laws and codes of conduct and thus, she regularly provides trainings to her clients.

In addition to the above, Miriam provides commercial advice to her clients on a daily basis. She also has experience in representing clients in product liability, product recall cases and proceedings before regulatory bodies and authorities, such as e.g. the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Miriam is recommended by Chambers & Partners in the area of Lifesciences. 

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"Her advice is very comprehensive and business-oriented".

Chambers, 2020

"She was always available when I needed her, her knowledge of the legal subject is very high and she is very client-oriented".

Chambers, 2020

"She has an excellent attitude. She is very responsive, provides excellent support and always makes you feel secure," adding: "As a client, you know you are being taken care of."

Chambers, 2018

Relevant experience

  • Representing some of our clients before the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) in relation to tender proceedings concerning active substances subject to itemized financing; providing ongoing regulatory and public procurement law advice to the clients in relation to the NEAK tenders.
  • Cord Blood in relation to the licensing procedure of the client’s operation, drafting agreements related to the stem cell bank. 
  • GE on evaluation of donation practice and preparing related documents. Assisting the client on the drafting of commercial agreements.  
  • A major pharmaceutical company on genetic testing and biobanking activity in Hungary.
  • Roche on the regulations on clinical trials of medicinal products; drafting various clinical trial agreements; providing legal advice on the classification of its medical devices. advising the company on its donation and promotional activity; providing legal advice on the distribution, marketing and labelling issues of its IVD products.
  • A pharma company on the revision of their template agreements to be concluded with health care professionals and health care organizations; providing legal advice on the reimbursement of medicinal products under and the price volume agreements with the National Health Insurance Fund and on the conditions of the transparency obligation set forth in the AIPM's Code of Ethics.
  • Companies in non-interventional clinical trials in Hungary.
  • J&J on several product liability cases, including liability cases of medicinal products, medical devices and cosmetic products. Assisting those clients in the communication with the patients / consumers and the negotiation process. 
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  • 2011 - Doctor of Law, Eötvös Loránd University
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  • Budapest Bar Association, 2015
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