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CMS guide to restructuring possibilities in CEE

Covid-19 is putting pressure on a business’s ability to operate efficiently and generate cashflow.  As companies adjust to the changes in demand and new ways of doing business, long-term survival will depend on the willingness to appraise existing arrangements, take rapid action to restructure and deal with financial liabilities.

Acting quickly will strengthen the position with creditors and lenders, improve financial health and help ensure a business stays operational.  Company directors have an important role in this process, with a number of duties to fulfil.

Understanding the restructuring tools available to businesses will help to put together effective solutions for an organisation’s capital structure.  The CMS guide on restructuring possibilities in CEE will help you to understand the different financial restructuring options available to businesses and what the directors’ responsibilities are in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. 

CMS Guide to Restructuring Possibilities in CEE
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