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Highlights of experience in Intellectual Property in Hungary

  • Microsoft Corporation: legal advice as a central hub in connection with copyright royalties payable within Europe after blank devices and restructuring advice for efficient copyright-levy management.
  • RTL Group (Bertelsmann Group subsidiary): day-to-day IP advice in relation to enforcing rights to trademarks and copyrights; drafting proper IP agreements to be used with commercial partners. Recently we are assisting the client in a major project having highly significant IP aspects
  • Magyar Telekom (a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary) and its affiliate on day-to-day IP matters, including the acquisition of wide range of copyright and neighbouring right protected contents (television channels for distribution, television programs for broadcast on the client's television channel, mobile content for sale to the customers, content for offering via on demand services, production of television programs, articles and other contents to be published on the client’s websites).
  • Partner in Pet Food on significant IP advisory regarding the expansion of the client’s trademark portfolio. Currently we are representing PPF in two ongoing major European trademark opposition cases.

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Intellectual Property
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