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Despite the existence of legal aid, certain social groups often have no access to legal support. As a result, they do not get the justice to which they are entitled.

Examples include disadvantaged families and single mothers with young children, people with disabilities, migrants unfamiliar with the legal system, victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking as well as forced prostitution. The lack of legal support makes it more difficult for them to escape their plight.

CMS Germany has become the first major German law firm to establish a non-profit foundation with the aim of making expert legal advice and representation available to people in need.

The Foundation will work together with specialist non-profit organisations that are best placed to identify specific needs at local level. It will support their work by way of financial grants and assist with additional training for employees of advisory agencies and lawyers, and in special cases also for police detectives, judges and public prosecutors.

“We can’t make the world a better place, but we can make it more just,” said CMS Stuttgart partner Axel Sigle, who is also on the management board of the CMS Foundation.

“Everyone, regardless of their origin, education and social status, should be able to rely on our legal system. People have rights, and through the Foundation and working in partnership with selected charitable organisations, we are helping them to access those rights.”

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