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Partner Interview


∙ What will be the most important market trend affecting your clients’ sector over the next 12 months? ∙

Within the UK, we are seeing the competition regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority, take a much more aggressive approach to enforcement and thus competition law compliance remains as important as ever. More generally, competition law is having to adapt quickly to the digital world and this poses some difficult issues for regulators who need to deal with issues such as big data and the possibility of cartels using algorithms.

∙ What has been your most memorable day as a lawyer? ∙

The dawn raids that I have participated in and which were conducted by the European Commission and the UK competition regulator. They are very hectic and demanding, and for clients – particularly the individuals on the ground –
they are incredibly stressful events.

∙ If you weren’t a lawyer, how would you earn your living? ∙

I am a qualified nutritionist and so I plan to practice in this area once I am retired. As for an alternative career, the one I wish I had explored more is working in the police force.

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