Partner Interview

Tom De Cordier

∙ What will be the most important market trend affecting your clients’ sector over the next 12 months? ∙

Becoming compliant with the EU’s new data privacy rules will be a priority for many general counsels in the next 12 months. The new rules will apply from May 2018 and they will have an impact on many different processes and functions within our clients’ organisations, for example IT, HR, Marketing and Procurement.

∙ What are the trends shaping the legal industry? ∙

Technology: law firms have traditionally been slow in adopting and embracing technology as a means to improve service delivery. The time has now come for us to catch up and become a lot more technology-driven. Be global or be very local: two models seem to be successful these days in the legal services industry – local firms (often niche boutiques) and large international firms that can seamlessly assist the same clients across a large number of jurisdictions.

∙ If you weren’t a lawyer, how would you earn your living? ∙

I have always been fascinated by electronics, especially the practical aspects. So a job in applied electronics might have been something for me.

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