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Client feedback programme

Client feedback programme

Being immersed in the worlds our clients operate in is at the heart of what we do. Our business is structured according to the industries our clients work in, delivering technically excellent lawyers who advise in the context of your business. Asking for your open and honest feedback is central to this.

Rupert Hartzhauser, CMS Director of Business Development, said, “At CMS, our work continues once the advice has been given and the matter completed. We are constantly talking to our clients about what they want and how they want their legal services to be delivered.”

Our client reviews are conducted with clients globally and often lead to a change in the structure of our working relationships. After a client service review was conducted with a senior counsel of a multinational technology company, for example, we introduced bi-monthly ‘weather forecast’ calls, alerting the client and his team in the CEE region to any political and regulatory developments that could affect his business.

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