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Our UK and German offices have been researching, piloting and investing in a range of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These have a huge spread of applications such as automated documents, technology assisted review (TAR), machine learning systems including contract data point extraction, forecasting litigation outcomes and strategies, data visualisation, expert systems to answer compliance and regulatory questions, branded chat bots using natural language, augmented reality simulated training and document review environments.

In London, our Disputes teams are using Brainspace Discovery, a machine learning and ‘data visualisation’ technology that facilitates a step change in the speed and efficiency of analysis of documents. This advanced AI programme will form part of CMS Evidence, our UK litigation technology business.

Advanced machine learning and visualisations enable users – in a matter of hours – to visually identify themes and related terms to review the scale of and relationships between documents as well as the people who are communicating about those concepts. Brainspace is one of the legal industry’s most advanced software applications for digital investigations and unstructured data analysis.

Penelope Warne, Senior Partner of CMS UK, said, “We are seeing exciting technological advances in both the business and legal world, which is not only enhancing the way we work, but changing and improving the way we deliver services to clients.”

In Germany, we have signed an agreement to use KIRA machine learning software. The software uses AI to identify, analyse and extract clauses and other information from contracts and other types of documents. The UK is also actively working with KIRA and there has been close collaboration across CMS.

KIRA uses powerful machine learning to identify and extract key contract and document data points to significantly accelerate the review and analysis process across a range of transactions. It can be trained by our teams to look for jurisdiction and / or client specific requirements. It is particularly useful when working with large data sets. The workflow and delegation platform offered by this type of intelligent system really supports CMS when working in large or virtual teams.

CMS Stuttgart partner Stefan Sieling said, “Using artificial intelligence software will further enhance our legal services. By deploying KIRA, we expect to be able to handle large quantities of data and due diligence processes better, faster and more efficiently.”

By deploying KIRA, we expect to be able to handle large quantities of data and due diligence processes better, faster and more efficiently.
Stefan Sieling, Partner, CMS Stuttgart

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