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Partner Interview


∙ What has been your most memorable day as a lawyer? ∙

When I worked on a landmark case in which we claimed extension of patent protection (SPC) based on the interpretation of EU law. Although we lost four cases in a row, we were ultimately successful before the highest administrative court (Council of State). The Council granted the extension and provided a simple and quick option for extending the duration of a SPC in similar cases. Particularly in the pharma and agriculture fields, this judgement has significant (financial) value.

∙ If you weren’t a lawyer, how would you earn your living? ∙

As a child, I was an avid fan of cars. I memorised all the specifications of certain cars such as the engine capacity. My father used to take me to many different auto shows. So, maybe I would have become involved in developing new technologies for cars?

∙ Why did you become a lawyer? ∙

I like the idea that law, particularly property and patent law, is like a mathematical system with logical rules. At the same time, this system is clearly related to the way society functions. I hope that improving it will at some point improve our daily lives.

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