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Investing in venture capital projects across CEE through Luxembourg

From an investor’s and manager’s perspective

Past event
17 June 2021, 09:30 - 10:30

This webinar will provide an overview of venture capital investments across the CEE region.

This event will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the attractiveness and challenges of VC investing in CEE from an investor’s and a manager’s perspective. Our guest speakers, who are active throughout the CEE region, will be able to share their experience and views on the main challenges and opportunities for VC investing in the region, such as the level of maturity of the market, the question of funding at all levels of the target (beyond seed investments), the valuation of exits, eligibility of targets for institutional investors, etc.

In this context, Elodie Donjon (European Investment Fund) will share insights and experience of VC investing across the region, the attractiveness and challenges of such investments, and will also speak about the eligibility of VC projects as recipients of funding from a development financial institution perspective.

Csaba Kákosy (Day One Capital), as a CEE VC manager investing in several countries in the region, will share his views, experience and challenges from a manager’s point of view.

Experts from CMS Funds Group, Błażej Zagórski (CMS Warsaw) and Benjamin Bada (CMS Luxembourg), will provide insights into CEE fund activity in the region and the use of Luxembourg investment funds as popular investment vehicles to structure VC investments in the CEE region.

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  • 17 June

Guest & CMS Speakers

Portrait of
Elodie Donjon
Senior Investment Manager | European Investment Fund
Portrait of
Csaba Kákosy
Managing Partner | Day One Capital
Portrait of Benjamin Bada
Benjamin Bada
Partner | Avocat à la Cour
Portrait of Błażej Zagórski
Błażej Zagórski
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