Autonomous vehicles law and regulation in Slovakia

1. Is the testing of AVs (SAE Levels 3-5) permitted on public roads in your jurisdiction?


However, the Slovak Government has recently begun to focus on providing assistance and support in the building and development of smart cities (including autonomous vehicles) by:

  • adopting the document on “support of the innovative solutions in Slovak cities” by the Ministry of Economy; and
  • creating a website ( for publishing operational programmes for the development of smart cities.

Lastly, Slovakia is planning to develop a testing track for AVs on one of its highways in the future. However, this requires the adoption of new legislation.

2. Are consumers permitted to use AVs (SAE Levels 3-5) on public roads in your jurisdiction?

There is currently no legislation in place related to the permitted usage of AVs (SAE Levels 3-5).

3. Who has liability for damages caused by a car in automated driving mode?

Drivers in general. However, in specific circumstances it might be possible for drivers to be released from liability for damage once they prove that damage could not have been prevented even if all the required efforts were made. In such a case, the manufactures would be liable. Current legislation does not allow unambiguous interpretation in respect to similar situations and there is no relevant case law in place.

4. Are there any specific mandatory insurance requirements for AVs?


5. Is there general liability based on warranty claims against the manufacturer for AVs?

We are not aware of any legal requirements in Slovakia that apply specifically to warranty claims in respect to AVs. However, there is general liability based on warranty claims against the manufacturer of the AV.

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