CMS Expert Guide to security interest law

Structuring cross-border transactions, and particularly those involving multiple jurisdictions, is an increasingly complex matter. The possibilities of taking security vary between European countries, and as borrowers seek to support their loans with a wide variety of collateral – including real estate assets, shares, receivables and IP rights – from across the markets in which they operate, it can be challenging to put together a feasible package that complies with all the relevant local laws.

The CMS Expert Guide to security interest law provides you with answers to all principal legal issues related to taking a security package across various countries and is aimed at helping you when structuring a cross-border financing. It allows you to gain an overview and compare the possibilities between different countries by reference to the following topics:

  • guarantees
  • security
  • perfection
  • enforcement

You can navigate the Expert Guide by clicking on the countries in the map below. We are confident it will help you in the initial stages of structuring cross-border finance transactions.

If you like to receive more detailed information about the legal regime in a particular jurisdiction, then please contact one of the members of the CMS Banking & Finance team who will be happy to provide further advice.