COVID-19 travel restrictions for non-EU citizens in Monaco

1. Requirements for entry from EU and from non-EU countries?

Since 1 July 2021, amendments have been made to the provisions applicable to persons presenting a risk or signs of potential infection by virus 2019-nCov and in particular travelling restrictions applicable for entry into Monaco. Any person aged 11 or over, regardless of nationality, who enters the Principality must be able to present all the required documents on arrival, depending on the zone from which they are coming (GREEN zone, ORANGE zone, RED zone). To date, the classification is as follows:

  • GREEN countries/territories (low circulation of virus): member states of the European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican; Albania; Saudi Arabia; Australia; Bosnia; Canada; South Korea; the United States of America; Hong Kong; Israel; Japan; Kosovo; Lebanon; Northern Macedonia; Montenegro; New Zealand; Serbia; Singapore; Taiwan; Vanuatu.
  • ORANGE countries/territories (active circulation of virus within managed proportions): These are all countries/territories not included in the lists of GREEN and RED countries/territories.
  • RED countries/territories (specifically active circulation of epidemy or propagation of certain variants of SARS-CoV-2 with increased risk of transmission): Afghanistan; Argentina; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; India; Maldives; Namibia; Nepal; Oman; Pakistan; Paraguay; South Africa; Russia; Seychelles; Sri Lanka; Suriname; Uruguay; Zambia; Guyana.

2. Requirements for proof of vaccination or other justifications

Any person aged 11 or over, whatever their nationality, who enters the Principality from a foreign country classified in the GREEN zone must present one of the three following documents:

  • A negative result of a PCR or antigenic test less than 48-hours old;
  • A complete vaccination:
    • For the "COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen", 28 days after the administration of one dose;
    • For other vaccines, 14 days after the 2nd dose or single dose for those who have had COVID-19;
  • Proof of recovery certificate for COVID-19: positive PCR test dated more than 15 days and less than six months.

The following persons are not required to present one of the above-mentioned documents, provided they are not Monaco Residents of the French departments of Alpes-Maritimes or Var Residents of the province of Imperia in Italy:

  • Cross-border students and pupils;
  • Professionals from companies established abroad coming to France to perform a service whose urgency or frequency is incompatible with the performance of a PCR or antigen test;
  • Road transport professionals coming to the national territory in the exercise of their activity.

Any person aged 11 or over, regardless of nationality, entering the Principality from a foreign country classified in the ORANGE zone must present a negative PCR or antigenic test result less than 48 hours old, as well as one of the following two documents:

  • A complete vaccination;
  • Proof of recovery certificate for COVID-19: a positive PCR test dating back more than 15 days and less than six months.

If the person coming from an ORANGE zone cannot justify a PCR test and a complete vaccination or a proof of recovery to COVID-19, the individual is required to respect the terms of entry applicable to persons coming from a RED zone.

Any person aged 11 or over, regardless of nationality, who enters the Principality from a foreign country classified in the RED zone must present the following documents:

  • Any relevant document attesting that the trip is based on a compelling reason (personal or family reasons, emergency health reasons or professional reasons that cannot be postponed);
  • A negative PCR or antigen test result less than 48-hours old.

In addition, the person coming from a RED zone agrees to:

  • Either isolate themselves upon arrival for seven days and perform a new PCR test at the end of their isolation period;
  • Or present the negative result of two new PCR tests, the first performed within 24 hours of their arrival and the second performed five to seven days later.

More specifically, regarding countries classified in the ORANGE countries’ list (since Ukraine is not included in the lists of GREEN and RED countries mentioned above):

3. Additional and special requirements

  • Any gathering of more than ten people in a public space is prohibited, while it is recommended to apply this rule in the private sphere;
  • All persons must respect a safety distance of at least 1.5 m as well as the ground markings in the places concerned;
  • Access to Monaco's restaurants is open to the following categories:
    • Monegasques, employees of the Principality and persons attending school in the Principality;
    • persons usually resident in Monaco, in the Alpes-Maritimes department or in the province of Imperia;
    • persons staying in a hotel in the Principality;
    • members or subscribers of the establishment;
    • persons who can prove that they have been fully vaccinated;
    • people who can prove that they have had a negative PCR or antigenic test result within 48 hours;
    • Persons with a certificate of recovery from COVID-19.
  • In case of non-compliance with the entry procedures, the person will be subject to a quarantine decision taken by the Director of Health Action.

The quarantine may be shortened if the person performs the necessary tests to establish that he or she is not a carrier of the virus.

In case of positive PCR, or if the person refuses to be tested, the quarantine will be maintained.

In case of symptoms, all the people involved in this procedure must immediately contact the COVID-19 call centre, which can be reached at +377 92 05 5500 (from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Sunday) or the numbers 18 or 112 outside these hours.

All instructions by local authorities should be followed, in particular guidance from the Monegasque health authorities' website

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