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CMS Expert Guide to vaccine compensation regimes in the CEE

Key information on compensation regimes to consider in light of COVID-19 vaccines in the CEE & Russia

Vaccine compensation regimes in themselves are complex and constantly changing. Couple this with a global pandemic and you have an uncertain and hard to navigate picture. Many pharmaceutical companies, R&D laboratories and scientific research departments at academic institutions have been racing to find a COVID-19 vaccine and several have already announced they have developed vaccine candidates. They are now seeking regulatory approval so that mass distribution can begin, although many governments are already pre-ordering vaccines and beginning to formulate strategies for the vaccination of their populations. The World Health Organization also continues to track some 170 other candidate vaccines, with more expected to be ready over the coming weeks and months.   

EU Member States have agreed on the need for joint action to support the development and deployment of a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19 in sufficient volumes. However, as there is currently only a limited number of vaccines available, they must agree on how the vaccines will be distributed and how the vaccination will be paid for. Furthermore, due to the accelerated development of COVID-19 vaccines in comparison to what is typical, where we are used to five-year time frames before there is human testing, it is expected that the question of compensation of damages resulting from COVID-19 vaccination will become increasingly important over time.

Therefore, it is vitally important that all those who are or will be involved in the development, distribution, payment for and implementation of COVID-19 vaccinations are aware of national legislation regarding vaccine compensation and reimbursement regimes. This includes governments, authorities and regulators, state and private insurers, and life sciences and healthcare companies.

This Expert Guide provides high level information on vaccine compensation and reimbursement regimes in eight jurisdictions in the CEE region and Russia and offers a quick and simple understanding of the applicable laws, on what is a complex yet incredibly important topic as we move towards the vaccination of populations to stop this global pandemic.