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The sustained growth of the country in the most diverse sectors of the economy and the increase of foreign investment within a globalized world, has led to require the permanent assistance of legal advice for the execution of contracts with greater complexity, in which, with some frequency, regarding the aforementioned topic, it involves the presence of stakeholders that are linked with different jurisdictions, which clearly increases the challenges of this type of relationships.

In addition to the contracts that are handled in specialized practice areas, such as those related to M&A or insurance operations, to give two examples, the Firm accompanies its clients in all contracts derived from agreements with third parties for associative, distribution, agency, launching new companies, collaboration, and commercial trusts, whose development in Colombia is prominent compared to other countries, to give some examples.

The experience of CMS Rodríguez-Azuero has indicated the advisability of advising its clients in the pre-contractual stages in order to enrich negotiations with their good judgment, as well as the importance of early participation in new product design cases, always looking for legal but practical solutions and with a clear business vision.

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