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Public Procurement


Public services’ quality is determined more and more each day by the qualified management of public procurement. Your business and any other property development, concessions, public-private partnerships, joint ventures, restructuring or sales programs cannot work properly without a full understanding of how the acquisition or the bidding process for  winning the award is regulated by the Peruvian internal legal system in matters of public contracting.  As a contracting entity or bidder in domestic and international public contracting procedures, you can benefit from legal advisors with broad experience in both sides of the process. We can guide you through the administrative procedures intended for obtaining the award from the State for complex infrastructure, transportation and IT projects, not only in the private sector, but also in public services concessions as are electricity, hydrocarbons and gas, as well as in public-private partnerships. We can also represent you in disputes and court proceedings related to acquisitions, both before public entities or the Government's Contracting Supervisory Agency OSCE, the State´s agency specialized in this matter.

The area is headed by, Ramón Huapaya, renowned specialist in matters related to State contracting, having gathered extensive contracting experience in both the public and the private sector. 

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