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Energy & Climate Change


As a key driver of the global economy, the energy sector faces tough regulatory, political and financial pressures. Energy markets are undergoing greater integration, both vertical and horizontal, and you require advisors who understand your industry. Our teams span more than 40 countries and work within every part of the energy sector, including upstream oil & gas, power generation (conventional and renewable), oil & gas and electricity networks,  wholesale and retail,  as well as cleantech. Over the last 20 years, our experts have helped shape the sector by creating the legal frameworks upon which many of your markets are based.

Whether you are a government, utility, independent systems operator, power exchange, financial institution, public or private company, we have the energy specialists to meet all your strategic challenges, in Europe and beyond. Our multidisciplinary teams were among the first to advise on power projects in Europe, to establish a single electricity market in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, lead historic electricity industry reform in Mexico and work on renewable energy projects globally. This collective experience means we can pre-empt and provide answers to the commercial, risk and regulatory issues you face in the energy sector.

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