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The challenges

We provide assistance to companies and their directors at every stage of their deals: creation, development, transfer. Our expertise, understanding of our clients’ business and experience enable us to propose adapted solutions based on a combination of business law and taxation considerations. We aim to:

  • Help directors make strategic decisions
  • A ssess the business implications of the transactions we advise on
  • Provide clients with effective and constructive assistance throughout the structuring and negotiation of transactions
  • Ensure that deals are technically watertight in a pragmatic manner.  

Our practice areas

Business creation

  • Choosing adapted structures
  • Forming companies
  • Arranging joint ventures and shareholder relations (shareholders’ agreements).

Business development:

  • Deal structuring, legal engineering, financial structuring, equity deals, investor relations
  • Sales and acquisitions: negotiations, due diligence, agreements
  • Legal structuring: mergers, spin-offs, partial mergers
  • Managing crisis situations, shareholder disputes
  • Assisting companies facing financial difficulties insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Stock exchange law.

Business transfer:

  • Asset structuring
  • Real estate investment strategy.  

Our approach

We offer clients tailored services based on our understanding of the company’s specific situation. We provide adapted solutions which are designed based on clients’ needs. The high stability and low turnover of our teams enables us to develop a thorough understanding of companies and their history.

Moreover, we closely monitor legal developments. As a result, we are able to propose solutions to our clients which make the most of new opportunities. Finally, our clients benefit from the firm’s wide-ranging expertise in all areas of business law.

Our clients

Listed and unlisted companies in all business sectors.

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