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Private client in an International context


The growing mobility of individuals and assets has expanded the range of international situations. For the past thirty years, our team has been developing private international law expertise and advising individuals on their international property and personal issues.

A solid technical expertise together with practical experience

We advise our clients who have interests outside of France (residence outside of France or assets in various countries) using our technical expertise and our practical experience:

  • Our technical expertise in private international law enables us to determine with regards of the client’s situation,which country’s law is applicable in matters such as estate, matrimonial regime, divorce, incapacity, We also advise clients on the most suitable law when such a choice is possible;
  • Our experience in international matters enables us to understand foreign institutions, such as trusts or foundations governed by foreign law. From a French law perspective, we can assist clients who have to deal with such existing foreign institutions or wish to set one up.

In addition to advising our clients, we also manage international litigation related to disputed estate and divorce.

Global international coverage by the CMS network

We work in coordination with our firm’s various teams, particularly in international taxation. We also rely on CMS global network of firms located in more than 40 countries around the world.

We assist our clients with the following matters:

  • International estate planning determining the applicable law and choosing the most appropriate law (estate, matrimonial regime);
  • Settlement of international disputes (estate, divorce);
  • Civil law support for matters involving foreign institutions (e.g. trusts, foundations);
  • Designation of the competent jurisdiction for disputes;
  • Civil litigation before French courts;
  • Analysis of the applicability of a foreign court ruling in France and managing judicial procedures for its application.
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