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Corporate Succession


Enabling a stress-free handover

For many medium-sized companies, it will soon be time to hand over the business to the next generation. There are various succession options available to company owners:

  • Transfer within the family
  • Sale to a third party
  • Leasing the business
  • Forming a family holding company
  • Placing the business in a foundation

A succession solution that suits you and the situation

At an early stage, we weigh up all the different succession scenarios based on your personal objectives. We then work with you to develop a bespoke succession solution. This avoids losing assets and rushed decisions that result in unwanted consequences.

We think holistically

Our comprehensive approach extends beyond taxation. Other potential aspects include:

  • How do you retain the ability to act effectively despite the involvement of minors?
  • Is direct or indirect participation, such as sub-participation, the best option for you?
  • How can your future influence in the company be safeguarded?
  • What restrictions are necessary to ensure that a recipient cannot exercise unwanted control over the transferred assets?
  • For which eventualities should you retain the option of reverse transfer?
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