Sports Law


  • Sports personalities and agents
    • Term options and exclusivity clauses
    • Remuneration provisions
    • Exploitation of marketing rights
    • Agency remuneration regulations and employment services in accordance with SGB III (German Social Welfare Code, Volume 3)
    • Morality and terminability of contracts, in particular "adhesion contracts"
  • Financing and structuring
  • Sports rights marketing
    • All types of sports broadcasting contract, for example TV and radio licensing rights, sports broadcasting via the Internet and mobile phones
    • Centralised marketing of sporting events by associations, including representation before the European Commission
    • Advertising and sponsoring, such as equipment and sponsorship contracts
    • Ticketing, merchandising, perimeter advertising, Web presence
    • Introduction of new sport-related TV formats and platforms
    • Advising on major sporting events, contracts for sporting events


We have many years of experience in all areas of sports law. Drafting and negotiating contracts is just as much part of our core activities as in-court assertion of claims and providing strategic advice. We advise agencies, sports associations and media companies on marketing sports rights and developing new marketing strategies, paying particular attention to the possibilities offered by new media. We support sports clubs, sport-related public limited companies and individual sports personalities in planning and implementing sporting events and help to protect their contract rights. We also advise rights owners on protecting intellectual property rights and copyright.

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JUVE Handbuch, 2015/2016
November 2016
Stud­ie: Di­git­al Eco­nomy & Recht
Sind die Rechts­ab­teilun­gen deutscher Un­terneh­men auf die di­gitale Trans­form­a­tion vorbereit­et? Welche Heraus­for­der­ungen, Chan­cen und Risiken er­warten die In­house-An­wälte durch die Di­git­al­is­ier­ung? Was sind die The­men­feld­er und Rechts­ge­bi­ete, die durch den di­gitalen Wan­del be­son­ders be­t­ro­f­fen sind? Die Stud­ie „Di­git­al Eco­nomy & Recht“, heraus­gegeben vom BUJ (Bundes­verb­and der Un­ternehmens­jur­isten) und CMS, liefert An­t­worten auf diese und zahlreiche weit­ere Fra­gen. Sie bes­chränkt sich aber nicht nur auf Zah­len und Fak­ten, son­dern liefert im zweiten Teil auch wer­tvolle In­form­a­tion­en zu recht­lichen Frages­tel­lungen, die in un­mit­tel­bar­em Zusam­men­hang mit der Di­git­al­is­ier­ung stehen.Trail­er zur Stud­ie „Di­git­al Eco­nomy & Recht“560340ht­tps://­waysBei In­teresse an der Stud­ie neh­men Sie gerne Kon­takt zu uns auf.Zur Pressemit­teilung >>


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