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Energy & Climate Change


A key driver of the global economy, the energy sector is affected by and affects global geopolitics, economics and regulation. You require advisors who not only understand your industry but also work on cutting edge issues with leaders of energy companies, regulators, governments, industry bodies and investors. Our teams span 33 countries and work within every part of the energy sector, including upstream and downstream oil & gas, electricity in all its forms including generation, networks, wholesale and retail markets, nuclear and renewables including solar and other green energy and clean tech. Over the last 25 years, our experts have helped shape the sector by creating the legal frameworks upon which many of your markets are based.

Whether you are a NOC, IOC, independent, electricity company, investor, government or financial institution, we have the energy specialists to meet all your strategic challenges globally. Our multi-disciplinary teams were among the first to advise on ground-breaking global oil and gas M&A and on power projects in Europe, to establish a single electricity market in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, lead historic electricity industry reform in Mexico and work on renewable energy projects globally. This collective experience means we can pre-empt and provide answers to the commercial, risk and regulatory issues you face in the energy sector.

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    Energy Efficiency and Renewables

    Development of a legislative base for energy efficiency and saving began several years ago (some key delegated acts are still in the development stage). With the exception of several pilot projects in the regions, the large projects have yet to be launched. Nevertheless, the CMS’ Energy Efficiency and Renewables group in Russia has successfully built up unique experience in applying Russian legislation in the area of energy efficiency.

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    Having been working in Russia for nearly 20 years, we advise Russian and foreign companies from different industry sectors, including mining, on all legal and tax aspects of the proposed projects.

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    Oil and Gas

     The large, increasingly multi-national oil and gas companies active in Russia require expert advice and support on issues varying from pipeline construction and transportation to licensing and concession matters to other ‘business issues’ typical of any large commercial organisation.

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    Power projects

    The CMS Energy team in Moscow has gained in-depth knowledge of the sector advising on its restructuring since the inception of the reforms in 2000. Restructuring of the Russian power sector, upcoming privatisation of power generating assets and the urgent need to build new power stations opens the sector up for domestic and foreign private investors.

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    CMS Re­new­able En­ergy Group Con­tacts
    07 Apr 20
    Rus­sia ap­proaches Cyprus to amend double tax­a­tion treaty
    As an­nounced by the Rus­si­an Pres­id­ent on 25 March 2020, the Rus­si­an Min­istry of Fin­ance has sent* an of­fi­cial re­quest to the Min­istry of Fin­ance of Cyprus to modi­fy the ex­ist­ing double tax­a­tion treaty...
    CMS Ex­pert Guide to Re­new­able En­ergy
    06 Apr 20
    Pro­long­a­tion of non-work­ing days un­til 30 April 2020 due to COV­ID-19...
    Dur­ing his na­tion­al ad­dress on 2 April, Pres­id­ent Putin an­nounced his de­cision to pro­long the ini­tial non-work­ing days from 4 April to 30 April 2020 in­clus­ive in or­der to fight against the spread of COV­ID-19....
    06 Apr 20
    COV­ID-19: Rus­sia passes new laws on tightened li­ab­il­ity, in­solv­ency,...
    On 1 April 2020, Fed­er­al Laws No. 98-FZ*, 99-FZ* and 100-FZ* came in­to force in con­nec­tion with the spread of COV­ID-19, the dis­ease caused by the coronavir­us. In par­tic­u­lar, these laws do the fol­low­ing:...
    02 Apr 20
    COV­ID-19 in Rus­sia: latest tax and cus­toms de­vel­op­ments
    Rus­si­an state bod­ies are con­tinu­ing to en­act pre­vi­ously an­nounced sup­port meas­ures in the area of tax and cus­toms, which bring more cla­ri­fic­a­tion and de­tails to the ini­tial an­nounce­ment, and in­tro­duce...
    01 Apr 20
    Coronavir­us (COV­ID-19) as force ma­jeure
    Un­der Rus­si­an civil law, a leg­al en­tity is re­lieved from li­ab­il­ity for fail­ure to ful­fil an ob­lig­a­tion if such fail­ure is caused by ex­traordin­ary and in­ev­it­able cir­cum­stances (i.e. force ma­jeure cir­cum­stances)....
    30 Mar 20
    Max­im­um prices of medi­cines and med­ic­al devices can be set by gov­ern­ment...
    On 26 March 2020, a Fed­er­al Law* came in­to force al­low­ing the Rus­si­an gov­ern­ment to set max­im­um prices for any medi­cines and med­ic­al devices for up to 90 days in case of an emer­gency or the threat of...
    27 Mar 20
    Em­ploy­ees in Rus­sia to be man­dat­or­ily off work from 30 March to 3...
    In ac­cord­ance with an Ex­ec­ut­ive Or­der* of the Rus­si­an Pres­id­ent, from 30 March to 3 April 2020 em­ploy­ees in Rus­sia will have fully paid days off as part of meas­ures to keep em­ploy­ees at home and pre­vent...
    27 Mar 20
    Rus­si­an Pres­id­ent an­nounces rad­ic­al tax meas­ures
    Dur­ing an ad­dress to the na­tion on 25 March, Rus­si­an Pres­id­ent Vladi­mir Putin an­nounced* anti-crisis meas­ures to sup­port Rus­si­an busi­nesses and in­di­vidu­als and to find ways to re­plen­ish the state budget....
    20 Mar 20
    Up­date on mi­gra­tion is­sues in Rus­sia in re­la­tion to COV­ID-19
    On 19 March 2020, the Min­istry of In­tern­al Af­fairs is­sued a cla­ri­fic­a­tion* stat­ing it will pro­long the fol­low­ing: visas of for­eign na­tion­als who are cur­rently in Rus­sia; the dur­a­tion of the...
    19 Mar 20
    Rus­sia strengthens meas­ures to con­tain the spread of COV­ID-19
    Rus­sia con­tin­ues to im­ple­ment meas­ures to re­duce the spread of COV­ID-19 at fed­er­al and re­gion­al level, which in­cludes: ex­tend­ing the re­gime of self-isol­a­tion; clos­ing all schools;...