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International Consumer Products Lawyers

As a player in the consumer products sector, you face a myriad of challenges such as globalisation and digitalisation, environmental and health concerns, supply chain management, consumer and media pressure, growing retailer buyer power, the rise of online selling and counterfeiting. All place new demands on your management and business strategy but also drive the need for legal advice. Our pan-European team is structured around the key sectors of consumer products. Please get in touch with one of our experts which you can find below.

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Nathaly Carranza
Colombia, Bogotá
Nathaly Carranza is Paralegal for the Intellectual Property practice in the Firm.  Nathaly has more than 10 years of experience in her areas of practice, and since joining the Firm, she has supported...
Picture of Marcoline van der Dussen
Marcoline van der Dussen
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Marcoline van der Dussen is an advocaat in our IP Practice Area Group. She is an excellent and highly knowledgeable IP litigator, with extensive experience in food law. She is a strong choice in matters...
Photo von Elena Gazke
Elena Gazke
Paralegal, CAS Data Protection Officer
Switzerland, Zurich
Elena Gazke specializes in intellectual property rights, in particular trademarks and domains, including the registration and monitoring of national and international trademarks as well as opposition...
Picture of Ksenija Ivetic Marovic
Ksenija Ivetić Marlović
Serbia, Belgrade
Montenegro, Podgorica
Ksenija Ivetić Marlović regularly advises clients on various employment and pension law matters and in particular on employment and management agreements, collective agreements and employment by-laws...
Lola Kandelaft
Lola Kandelaft, LL.M.
Associate Director
Colombia, Bogotá
Lola is Associate Director for the Firm in the Intellectual Property area. She has 7 years of experience advising clients from all industry sectors in the management, protection and defence of their IP...
Lara Lupgens
Netherlands, Utrecht
Lara Lupgens is an advocaat in our Litigation & Insurance Practice Group. She specialises in liability. Lara advises amongst others on liability, insurance and contractual disputes.​Lara has been...
Cilia van Nierop
Netherlands, Utrecht
Cilia van Nierop is a member of the Commercial Law practice group of our firm.She is active in the Life Science & Healthcare sector. Cilia advises amongst others on a wide range a legal health issues...
Angie Santamaría
Colombia, Bogotá
Angie is a Paralegal for the Firm in the Life Sciences & Healthcare practice. She has more than 2 years of experience advising national clients in the field of procedural and civil law.2020 - Paralegal...
Cristina Spinelli
Cristina Spinelli
Italy, Milan
Cristina Spinelli began her collaboration with the Firm in 2000. She is part of the Dispute Resolution Department in the Milan office.Over the years she has gained considerable experience in the field...
Luz Helena Vargas
Luz Helena Vargas
Associate Director
Colombia, Bogotá
Luz Helena is an Associate Director for the Firm in the Sanitary Regulation team. She has over 14 years of experience advising national and foreign clients in matters of sanitary regulation in all procedures...