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International Public Procurement Lawyers

The quality of public services is increasingly determined by skilled public procurement management. Your business and any real estate developments, joint ventures, restructuring or sale programmes cannot function without a deep understanding of how procurement regulates your plans. As a contracting authority or a bidder in local, EU and international procurement procedures, you can benefit from legal advisors with extensive experience on both sides of the process. Please get in touch with one of our experts which you can find below.

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Picture of Lidia Dziurzyńska-Leipert
Lidia Dziurzyńska-Leipert
Head of Construction and Head of German Desk, Poland
Poland, Warsaw
Lidia Dziurzyńska-Leipert is a partner in the Real Estate and Construction Department at CMS Poland, where she also heads the German Desk.She focuses primarily on major construction projects (including...
Picture of Bernt Elsner
Bernt Elsner
Global head of the CMS Public Procurement Group
Austria, Vienna
Bernt Elsner is partner and global head of the CMS Public Procurement Group. He is a leading expert in the fields of public procurement, antitrust and public law.He studied law at the University of Vienna...
Ignacio Grangel
Ignacio Grangel
Spain, Madrid
Ignacio Grangel heads up the Public Law & Regulated Sectors department at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. As a State Attorney, he boasts a lengthy track record in all areas related to public authorities...
Picture of Thomas Hamerl
Thomas Hamerl
Attorney-at-law for Infrastructure Projects & Public Private Partnerships
Austria, Vienna
Thomas Hamerl is an attorney-at-law for infrastructure projects & public private partnerships and a leading expert in public procurement law as well as real estate & construction. He is a specialist for...
Picture of Petra Heemskerk
Petra Heemskerk
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Petra Heemskerk is an experienced litigator and she has broad experience in European Law and Procurement Law. In addition, she is the lead partner of the mobility sector, that focuses on mobility in a...
Picture of Caroline Hobson
Caroline Hobson
Co-head of Competition
Caroline Hobson is a partner in CMS London specialising in competition, procurement and sanctions matters.Caroline has a broad public procurement practice and works very closely with the CMS Outsourcing...
Picture of Ramon Huapaya
Ramon Huapaya
Peru, Lima
The professional practice of Ramon Huapaya is intense, and covers the following fields: Administrative Sanctioning Law, Administrative Arbitration, Administrative Procedural Law and Administrative Procedures...
Picture of Dunja Jandl
Dunja Jandl
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Dunja Jandl is a legal practitioner with more than ten years of work experience who joined CMS Slovenia as a partner in February 2017.She supports real estate companies and investors in their real estate...
Christiane Kappes
Dr. Christiane Kappes
Germany, Hamburg
Christiane Kappes is an environmental and planning law specialist with a particular focus on nature conservation and species protection matters and special infrastructure, mining and energy sector expertise...
Siphokazi Kayana | Head of Dispute Resolution | South Africa
Siphokazi Kayana
Head of Dispute Resolution
South Africa, Johannesburg
Siphokazi is the Head of Dispute Resolution with over 10 years of experience.    She assists clients with the the full remit of dispute resolution and litigation services, with a focus on arbitration...