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As local and international tax regulations become more prescriptive, dealing with them in a cross-border context presents you with a significant challenge. The number and complexity of tax investigations conducted by authorities is rapidly escalating and the need for tax adjustments is rising accordingly. Our 400 tax lawyers are supported by strong technical tax intelligence teams that identify developments in tax law and policy affecting your business. This multi-disciplinary approach helps you develop robust structures that maximise tax effectiveness in alignment with your commercial strategy.

Whether you are a financial institution, multinational, fund, investor or high net worth individual, we understand your business and the tax pressures you face. Our teams work together across Europe and beyond in the key areas affecting your business including VAT, international taxation, transfer pricing, e-commerce, M&A and investment funds, tax planning and financing. Our experts can help you manage tax control cases and deal with tax authorities as well as manage tax litigation cases. The right tax advice can make a material difference to transaction costs and, in some cases, avert serious consequences.

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June 2019
CMS Tax Glob­al Bro­chure
March 2019
Tax­a­tion of the di­git­al eco­nomy
December 2019
Eth­ics: the fu­ture of tax plan­ning
Tax Thought Lead­er­ship Bro­chure


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21 February 2020
Tax Con­nect Flash
BREXIT: Tax con­sequences of the UK’s with­draw­al from...
24 Dec 18
China Tax Reg­u­la­tion Up­date - Decem­ber 2018
The latest de­vel­op­ment in China Tax Reg­u­la­tion mainly in­cludes: Cai­guanshui [2018] No. 49, jointly re­leased by the Min­istry of Fin­ance, the State Ad­min­is­tra­tion of Tax­a­tion and the Gen­er­al...
13 Jan 20
CMS strengthens its pres­ence in Lux­em­bourg
New fully op­er­a­tion­al cor­por­ate and tax teams join...
21 Dec 18
HM­RC pub­lishes guid­ance on tax­a­tion of cryptoasset hold­ers
On 19 Decem­ber 2018, HM Rev­en­ue & Cus­toms (“HM­RC”) pub­lished guid­ance on how in­di­vidu­als pos­sess­ing cryptoassets may be taxed (the “Guid­ance”). In par­tic­u­lar, the Guid­ance cov­ers:...
19 December 2019
Flash info Al­ger­ia
Re­gis­tra­tion fees: re­vi­sion of the per­cent­age of funds...
17 Aug 18
Changes in the tax­a­tion of oil and gas com­pan­ies: a new tax on ad­di­tion­al...
On 19 Ju­ly 2018 Fed­er­al Law No. 199-FZ* (“Law”) came in­to force, which in­tro­duces a tax on ad­di­tion­al in­come from the ex­trac­tion of hy­dro­car­bon raw ma­ter­i­als (“Tax on Ad­di­tion­al In­come”) in Rus­sia....
17 December 2019
Tax Con­nect Flash
Up­com­ing change in French tax Law re­gard­ing funds man­age­ment...
December 2019
Eth­ics: the fu­ture of tax plan­ning
Tax Thought Lead­er­ship Bro­chure
22 November 2019
Tax Con­nect Flash
Por­tugal | Tax Treat­ment of For­eign Col­lect­ive In­vest­ment...
28 October 2019
Tax Con­nect Flash
VAT re­funds for EU busi­nesses after Brexit
18 October 2019
Tax Con­nect Flash
EU: VAT wrongly charged: align­ment of in­tern­al le­gis­la­tion...
9 October 2019
Tax Con­nect Flash
Italy re­quires new VAT ob­lig­a­tions for on­line mar­ket­places...