Expat Desk


Our specialists of the CMS Expat Desk provide cross-border advice to (global) companies about international employees, also known as “expats”. The provided assistance is related to employment law, work and residence permits, taxation and social security matters and are as follows:

  • Drafting employment and international assignment agreements;
  • Advising on the taxation of foreign employees;
  • Obtaining work permits for foreign employees and residence permits for their dependents;
  • Advising on the social security obligations applicable to foreign employees;
  • Advising on split pay-roll issues;
  • Managing termination procedures of foreign employees; and
  • Drafting mobility policies.


Assisting the client, one of the world’s leading commercial and jet fighter engine manufacturers, on applying for work permits for highly skilled foreign individuals to be employed by the client’s Turkish subsidiary.

Advising the client, a European renewable energy company, on the engagement of a foreign individual as a non-resident advisor or as a resident manager in Turkey to assist the operations of the client’s Turkish subsidiary.

Advising the client, an international packaging materials and paper producer, on the social security and taxation aspects of seconding a foreign employee to the client's Turkish subsidiary as well as drafting an extensive employment agreement and international assignment agreement.

Advising the client, an international producer of motor oil and lubricants, with regard to work permits and regulatory restrictions related to foreign employees and social security and taxation aspects of seconding a foreign employee to the client’s Turkish subsidiary.

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