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Fuelled by increased demand for cutting edge products and low-cost services, your business is faced with the constant battle to offer ‘more for less’. Innovation is key, but you need to overcome significant regulatory and commercial hurdles.

For the past two decades, our team of over 100 specialist partners, globally, has been exposed to virtually every risk and challenge you face in the TMC sector, including sector-specific regulation, IP infringement, data protection and anti-trust issues. With our long-standing focus on this sector we understand the industries in which you transact and are well placed to develop innovative solutions for you.

Sector convergence coupled with the rapid spread of new technologies has opened up a wealth of opportunities in your industry and you must move swiftly to capitalise on them. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to spot and pre-empt legal difficulties before they arise. Our clients range from high growth businesses, start-ups and their investors to government departments and authorities, multinationals and major domestic companies.

From M&A to investment and financing, from tax to licensing and product liability, from intellectual property to employment and environmental issues, from network sharing to outsourcing, our multi-disciplinary teams can help guide you towards the most commercially successful outcome.

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Their geographic spread globally and in the UK is really useful and makes them quite unique.

Chambers UK, 2015

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    The communications sector is undergoing a fundamental and rapid evolution, with new digital companies accompanied by challenging long-standing business models, runaway technological development, convergence, disruption and significant change to the regulatory landscape. Deregulation in certain areas is going arm in arm with greater regulatory control in others, such as data breach,consumer privacy and merger.

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    The UK is at the forefront of FinTech development worldwide. Powered by increasing competition, an encouraging regulatory environment, the development of new technologies and new uses for existing ones, and improving data richness and availability, FinTech is changing the way customers engage with financial services providers.

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    The UK boasts the largest broadcasting hub in Europe, the leading online advertising market in Europe, one of the world’s largest music industries in terms of exports, and the fastest growing digital economy in the G20.

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    Sports law is a complex maze, from acquiring and exploiting media and content rights, sponsorship, branding and endorsements contracts, over licensing and merchandising, management agreements and team contracts, to venue use agreements, ticketing, catering and hospitality. The industry also faces a complex array of regulatory, socio-political and legal challenges, including a renewed focus on fairness, transparency and anti-bribery and corruption.

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    Over 15% of all new businesses formed in the UK are digital. New technologies and technology uses are disrupting traditional, and enabling new business models and processes, driving efficiency and competition. Fintech, regtech, robotic advice, robotic process automation, blockchain, IoT, wearables, smart-grid and smart cities, AI, automation, intelligent transport and telemedicine (e-health) are at the leading edge of this growth. 

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    30 Mar 17
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    Ofcom offers post-Brexit insights to Parliament
    In December 2016, Ofcom, the UK’s independent communications regulator, submitted written evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s inquiry into the impact of Brexit.   Highlighting the communications sector as a “vital pillar of our economy”.
    13 December 2016
    CMS, Nabarro and Olswang confirm Practice and Sect...
    28 Mar 17
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    SFO concludes Deferred Prosecution Agreement with Rolls-Royce
    Summary On 17 January 2017, Sir Brian Leveson QC approved a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) between the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and two Rolls-Royce entities. The UK multi-national faced 12 counts of conspiracy to corrupt, false accounting and failure.
    CMS conference: Intervention, Innovation and Disru...
    21 Mar 17
    Spotlight Series: Ensuring your business is ready...
    Platforms: regulators gotta catch ‘em all (TMC Conference 2016)
    There are countless examples of digital innovation but, as is often the case, regulators are not always able to keep pace with the speed of such developments. Europe’s regulators are now heavily focused on how best to manage online platforms.
    11 August 2016
    Transmit: The latest regulatory developments in th...
    24 Feb 17
    Are you ready for the GDPR?
    Time to implement your compliance programme
    Are disruptors especially vulnerable to disruption? (TMC Conferen...
    Many companies aspire to be, or claim to be, “disruptors” in their sectors. It is a term that has become a byword for innovation, technological know-how and the ability to challenge once seemingly established sectors.
    CMS UK launches Brexit checklists
    Four into three won't go: the new industrial policy for TMC (TMC...
    There has never been a question that technology has brought innovation and choice to consumers worldwide but not everyone would agree that part of that success has been driven by certain regulatory policies.
    CMS strengthens the telecommunications practice in...
    TMC Conference 2016 Keynote address: New technologies - the costs...
    In the wake of the worst recession on record, financial academics are thinking differently about the market and so too are the finance industry and its regulators. The address was presented by Professor Kirilenko.
    CMS advises Viatel on the sale of its infrastructu...
    Legal Committee of the European Parliament approves the Portabili...
    On 29 November 2016, the Legal Committee of the European Parliament approved the regulation on “ensuring the cross-border portability of online content services” (the “Portability Regulation”). So far, the Portability Regulation is the only remaining provision.