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The energy sector, a key driver of the global economy, is affected by and affects global geopolitics, economics and regulation. You require advisors who not only understand your industry but also work on cutting edge issues with leaders of energy companies, regulators, governments, industry bodies and investors.

Our team works globally within every part of the energy sector, including upstream and downstream oil and gas, electricity in all its forms, including generation, networks, wholesale and retail markets, and nuclear and renewables, including solar and other green energy and clean tech. Over the last 25 years, our experts have helped shape the sector by creating the legal frameworks upon which many of your markets are based.

Whether you are a NOC, IOC, independent, electricity company, investor, government or financial institution, or contractor, we have the energy specialists to meet all your strategic challenges globally. Our multi-disciplinary team has helped shape the legal framework for the oil and gas industry in many jurisdictions and was among the first to advise on industry-shaping reforms such as the historic energy sector restructuring in Mexico. We also work on M&A, projects and financings in the oil and gas, power and renewables sectors across the globe. This collective experience means we can pre-empt and provide answers to the commercial, risk and regulatory issues you face in the energy sector.

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They are reliable and client-friendly and understand the value of being able to reach out to someone you know, for small issues, on a regular basis.

Chambers UK, 2016

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    Clean & Alternative Energy

    CMS is at the forefront of clean and alternative energy, a continually evolving and cutting edge industry. The high number of projects and transactions on which we advise gives us a role as both advisers to the sector and in shaping the future direction of the industry. 

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    Energy Disputes

    International energy companies operate in complex and challenging environments. Investments in the energy sector are often high-value, high-risk transactions involving projects that rely on cutting edge technology. When disputes occur, energy companies expect their lawyers to be true specialists that understand the industry. The CMS Energy Disputes Team focuses entirely on advising and representing clients in the energy sector.

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    Oil & Gas

    The oil and gas industry is a challenging and exciting sector which has far reaching effects on the world we live in. The top tier CMS Oil & Gas Team is the largest UK based team dedicated to this industry, providing advice to clients all round the world, guiding them through all the problems and pitfalls they face. We advise on all aspects of the industry.

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    Power Projects

    In the power sector, CMS advises on high value projects, financings, disputes and transactions internationally, as well as service the daily needs of the industry.

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    1 May 2017
    CMS, Nabarro and Olswang complete largest ever mer...
    Creating a new future-facing firm
    Interesting Environmental Permit Refusal
    In April 2017 the Environment Agency refused an environmental permit application in respect of a proposed facility at Avonmouth Docks. The facility would treat incinerator bottom ash (“IBA” – this is waste) to make incinerator bottom ash aggregates (“IBAA”.
    1 March 2017
    CMS advises Low Carbon on its joint venture with V...
    Oil & Gas: JOAs – Restraining remedies for default
    In the event of a failure to pay a valid cash call, under oil and gas joint operating agreements (“JOAs”) the non-defaulting parties are traditionally granted a series of remedies against the party in default.
    9 February 2017
    Conducting oil and gas activities in the Republic...
    Collaboration – how (OGA intends) to make it happen
    Collaboration forms one of the core policy themes of MER UK: its importance was emphasised in the Wood Review and section 9A of the Petroleum Act 1998 (as amended) defines the “principal objective” as being the objective of maximising the economic recovery.
    9 February 2017
    Conducting oil and gas activities in Uganda
    Oil and Gas: In defence of corporate structure
    In His Royal Highness Emere Godwin Bebe Okpabi and Others v Royal Dutch Shell PLC (“RDS”) and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (“SPDC”) [2017] EWHC 89 (TCC), the Technology and Construction Court confirmed that the English Courts will not permit.
    9 February 2017
    Conducting oil and gas activities in Malawi
    Supreme Court rules again on interpretation of contracts: busines...
    In Wood v Capita Insurance Services Limited [2017] UKSC 24, the Supreme Court has sought to reconcile the approaches to contractual construction and interpretation adopted by the Supreme Court in in Rainy Sky v Kookmin Bank [2011] UKSC 50 and Arnold v Britton.
    9 February 2017
    Conducting oil and gas activities in Libya
    OGA publishes finalised Financial Penalty Guidance
    Having considered industry response to its consultation on the draft form, OGA has now published its final Financial Penalty Guidance and its Response to the issues that were raised during the consultation process on the draft Guidance.
    9 February 2017
    Conducting oil and gas activities in Kenya
    On the road to autonomous vehicles
    Connected and autonomous vehicle (“CAV”) technologies are set to have a profound social and economic impact worldwide and continue to accumulate a great weight of expectation. Advocates argue that CAV technologies will improve road safety, ease congestion and.
    9 February 2017
    Conducting oil and gas activities in Benin
    Ofgem Targeted Charging Review Consultation: Residual Charges, Em...
    Following on from the recent Triads “minded to” decision, Ofgem has published a Targeted Charging Review (“TCR”) consultation focusing on (i) ‘residual’ charges; (ii) smaller embedded generation (“EG”) benefits; and (iii) storage charges.
    9 February 2017
    Conducting oil and gas activities in Guinea
    Awards announced for 29th Offshore Licensing Round
    The UK’s Oil and Gas Authority (“OGA”) has offered 25 licences to 17 companies covering 111 blocks or part blocks following its 29th Offshore Licensing Round. The Round was launched on 27 July 2016 and closed on 26 October 2016, attracting applications from.