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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Hotels & Leisure Lawyers

The hotels and tourism sectors have seen regular cycles of growth and development since the 1950s, but remain highly sensitive to the wider economic climate, and to trends in consumer spending.

Today there are many challenges, as much geographical or political in nature as social, managerial, financial or even environmental. To assist you in taking up these challenges, CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats offers an approach based on in-depth knowledge of your business sector, synergetic relationships between our offices and those of other firms within CMS, and the practical and legal expertise of our lawyers. 

Our sphere of action

Whether you are a hotelier, investment fund, land-owning company, institutional investor, private equity concern or family operation, we understand your need to adapt in a world in rapid change and development. This is so whether your issues relate to public law, economic regulation, taxation, property law, business law or employment law. In order to give you practical and pro-active advice, our lawyers offer expertise in a number of specific areas:

  • Negotiation of hotel contracts (management contracts, franchises, management lettings) 
  • Divesting transactions (sale & lease-back and sale & manage-back) 
  • Hotel leases 
  • Taxation in the hotels sector 
  • Law of real property in relation to hotels
  • Hotel regulation
  • Joint ventures 
  • Asset structuring 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Hotel finance  

Our approach

To guarantee you first class legal and tax expertise, our specialist hotels and tourism lawyers can rely on a multi-disciplinary team with experts in all areas of law. They also work in close, regular collaboration with economists and specialist consultants. Our lawyers are conscious of the business and financial implications which may attach to their advice, and are committed to: 

  • Taking your strategy into account, and assessing the business risks and rewards of the steps they advise you to take.
  • Bringing you effective and constructive help in the various stages of development of your transactions, and in negotiations.
  • Advising you from a pro-active, long-term standpoint, on both national and international levels.  

Our clients

There is a wide variety of different organisations within the hotels and tourism sector. We work as much with hotel operators, holiday villages and resorts as with tour operators, passenger transport or vehicle rental companies, restaurants and public or quasi-public bodies. We support them all in their national or international operations, through teams working seamlessly with our various offices and those of other CMS members.

We guarantee high levels of service and professional ethics to all our clients, giving reliable advice tailored to their objectives.  

Our team

As every instruction is different, we create teams as necessary, made up of specialists in business and competition law, employment law and tax law, with excellent knowledge of the hotels and leisure sector. Each team is co-ordinated by a partner, who provides you with a single point of contact, and guarantees quality of service, both generally and in relation to conflicts of interest and billing.

All teams work in close collaboration with our expert lawyers based in western, eastern and central Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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Picture of Marc Veuillot
Marc Veuillot
Partner Africa Practice
Morocco, Casablanca
Marc Veuillot is one of the three partners of the African department of CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats and he is also the Managing Partner of CMS Francis Lefebvre Maroc Conseil juridique et fiscal. Marc...
Maïlys Thomas
Senior Associate
Morocco, Casablanca
Maïlys Thomas holding CAPA since 2011, is senior associate in the legal department of CMS Francis Lefebvre Maroc Conseil juridique et fiscal. Her practice is is mainly in business law, commercial law,...