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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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TMC - Technology, Media & Communications Lawyers

Technological convergence coupled with the rapid spread of new technologies has opened up a wealth of opportunities in your industry and you must move swiftly to capitalise on them. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to spot and pre-empt legal difficulties before they arise. Innovation is key, but you need to overcome significant regulatory and commercial hurdles.

We are day-to-day advisers for various areas within the industry, including the Latin American IT industry leader. We have experience in hardware and software contract negotiations, both foreign and national, as well as in the negotiation and legal structuring of complex IT service solutions integration.

The telecom market is currently in full transformation in Chile.The modernisation of the normative framework will continue until it has decreased entry barriers for new players, simplifying models for the granting of licences, and modifying them for converging services. We have actively participated in the elaboration and discussion of laws and regulations that govern this industry in Chile.

We can advise you on matters related to M&A, as well as on financing alternatives by way of public offer of shares and bonds in the capital markets.

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Diego Rodríguez
Diego Rodríguez, LL.M.
Chile, Santiago
Diego is a member of the Corporate/M&A and Banking & Finance teams at CMS Carey & Allende.  His practice is focused primarily on the TMC industry, with matters related to financing and capital markets.Endorsed...
Luis Vidal Abogado Consejero de CMS LAW
Luis Vidal
Of Coun­sel
Chile, Santiago
Luis is Of Counsel for CMS Carey & Allende. He is an active litigator and practitioner sought after by other lawyers in the firm, contributing from his vast experience in the legal and business world.His...
Alejandro Celedón Abogado Corporativo
Alejandro Celedón
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Chile, Santiago
Alejandro is a member of the Corporate/M&A team for CMS Carey & Allende.  His practice focuses primarily on the TMC industry, where he has lead teams in outsourcing contract negotiations for IT services,...
Ignacio Errazquin, LL.M.
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Chile, Santiago
Ignacio has been a member of the Corporate/M&A group for CMS Carey & Allende since 2012, focusing his practice on mergers and acquisitions, project finance with an emphasis on photovoltaic and other non-conventional...
Rodolfo Leiter Lawyer CMS LAW CHILE
Rodolfo Leiter, LL.M.
Chile, Santiago
Rodolfo is a member of the Corporate/M&A and TMC - Technology, Media & Communications groups for CMS Carey & Allende. His practice focuses on M&A, corporate governance and compliance and corporate restructuring. Rodolfo...
Paola Hermosilla
Paola Hermosilla
Chile, Santiago
Paola is a member of the Corporate/M&A team for CMS Carey & Allende.
Ricardo Celedón Lawyer CMS LAW CHILE
Ricardo Celedón
Chile, Santiago
Ricardo is a member of the Corporate/M&A, TMC  and Hotels & Leisure groups for CMS Carey & Allende.He is currently pursuing an LL.M. degree abroad.
Ramon Valdivieso
Ramón Valdivieso
Managing Partner
Chile, Santiago
Ramón is one of the two senior partners of CMS Carey & Allende. He has been the Managing Partner since 2002, and leads the firm’s Corporate/M&A practice group.His practice focuses primarily on M&A...