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Compliance Lawyers

In both the international and local contexts, the strengthening of measures to combat money laundering, fraud and corruption have created a scenario in which companies are considered risk-generating structures and, as a result , responsible for implementing compliance models to avoid these risks. This change of perspective has meant that it is essential for companies to construct Corporate Governance standards, one of its pillars being Compliance.

At CMS-Grau we believe that the greatest value of any organization will come from the construction of an ethical culture and the creation of a responsible and compliant corporate structure. With this scope our compliance services are provided with an integrated approach to all areas and processes of the organization, starting from the analysis of major risks in the company’s activities; the implementation of the compliance program according to their specific needs and requirements; establishing reporting systems (whistleblowing) and the constant training and evaluation of the levels of compliance within the organization. We seek to apply only the highest standards of compliance based on both the local and international regulations.

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Picture of Carolina Cueva
Carolina Cueva
Head of Compliance
Peru, Lima
Carolina Cueva has developed an experience of over 12 years advising as a consultant and litigating attorney for local and foreign companies in criminal cases in matters related to environmental crimes,...
Picture of Tatiana Helguero
Tatiana Helguero
Peru, Lima
Tatiana Helguero specializes in the design and implementation of compliance programs and anti-bribery management systems, in accordance with Peruvian legislation that regulates the liability of legal...