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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Private Equity Lawyers

As a private equity fund, investor or management team, you face daily pressures of valuations, performance, exit strategies and regulation. The relative availability of debt together with significant levels of capital committed to the private equity industry, or held on corporate balance sheets, has strongly impacted the competition for assets and pricing levels.

A cohesive private equity strategy will support you to ensure that you acquire the right assets and obtain maximum value from your portfolio. We are structured around your business sectors and that of your targets. This means we can advise you on all stages of a fund’s lifecycle, from formation and administration to the making of investments, portfolio monitoring and exiting.

Your deals are executed according to tight deadlines and complex regulatory constraints. Our multi-disciplinary specialist teams across 42 countries globally can mobilise quickly, whatever the size and complexity of your transaction. With anti-trust, tax, employment, banking, commercial and disputes expertise, we can also assist in the protection and growth of your funds and investments.

Whether your deal is in the upper or mid private equity or venture market, our specialist lawyers can guide you towards the best business outcome in your home markets and across multiple jurisdictions.

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Picture of Laurence Yansouni
Laurence Yansouni
Attorney-at-law for banking & finance
SpecialisationLaurence Yansouni is a lawyer for banking & finance. She also specialises in corporate law/M&A, infrastructure & projects, real estate & construction and private equity. Laurence Yansouni...
Picture of Martin Zuffer
Martin Zuffer
Attorney-at-law for banking & finance
Specialisation in banking and financeMartin Zuffer is a lawyer for banking & finance. He is a partner at CMS and heads the Banking and Capital Markets Law Team. In addition to banking and capital markets...
Picture of Alexander Rakosi
Alexander Rakosi
Attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A
Specialisation insolvency & restructuringAlexander Rakosi is an attorney for insolvency & restructuring and a leading expert in the areas of private equity as well as corporate law/M&A. He is a partner...
Florian Mayer
Austria, Vienna
Field of activityFlorian Mayer works as an associate mainly in the field of corporate law/M&A. His services include all tasks in connection with international transactions, all the way from discussing...
Mario Maier
Attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A
Field of activityMario Maier is an attorney for corporate law/M&A and works in the Corporate Transactions Team of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz. He advises clients primarily on national and international M&A...
Picture of Oliver Werner
Oliver Werner
Attorney-at-Law for Corporate Law/M&A and Compliance
Field of activityOliver Werner is a lawyer specialising in corporate law/M&A and compliance. In addition to his specialisation in cross-border transactions (M&A), he advises companies with business activities...