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Tax law firm

Compliance with the ever-stricter tax regulations in Austria and abroad is becoming more challenging, especially in a cross-border field of activity. 
Our approximately 350 lawyers also include experienced tax experts who keep themselves abreast of all the developments in tax law and tax policy that might affect your business. 
Our multidisciplinary approach helps you build strong structures that align with your business strategy in order to maximize your tax efficiency. 

Legal & Tax from one source - Always one step ahead

We offer you legal and tax advice from a single source so that you can significantly reduce your consultancy costs. We support you in transactions, criminal financial proceedings, tax audits, dealing with the tax authorities and tax proceedings.
The automatic exchange of information between tax authorities and new reporting obligations (DAC 6 Directive, Commercial Owners Register) are current challenges – we provide comprehensive advice and support you in adapting your internal processes to the new reporting obligations.

Tax law: Our main focus

Whether you are a financial institution, multinational corporation, investment fund, investor or high net worth individual, we understand your tax concerns and priorities. Our teams work together inside and outside Europe – in all areas that are essential for your company:

•    M&A: Tax-efficient acquisition structures 
•    M&A: Tax due diligence / Financial due diligence
•    Investment funds 
•    Financial criminal proceedings
•    Value added tax
•    Income tax
•    International tax law (avoidance of double taxation) 
•    Transfer prices
•    E-commerce
•    Tax planning and tax optimization
•    Financing operations
•    Tax optimization for real estate investments
•    Financial criminal law

Austrian and international tax law

Our lawyers offer expert and comprehensive advice on tax law both nationally and internationally. 

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Get to know our team of tax law experts here!

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