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The challenges

VAT can have significant business implications. It is more than just a tax matter since it influences business strategies in all areas – investment policy, commercial policy, export policy, information systems - at all stages of a company’s internal or external development.

VAT is consequently a specific area of taxation, which requires specific legal and tax expertise. Companies which collect VAT on behalf of the state need to regularly review VAT payment and deduction procedures throughout their development. Our role is to assist clients by providing reliable expert advice.  

Our practice areas

  • VAT management
  • EU transactions, exports
  • Location of offices
  • Real estate investment, development and transactions
  • Banking and financial transactions
  • Public organisations and local authorities
  • Non-profit-making organisations
  • Special VAT regimes: press, literary works.  

Our approach

  • Experience: we have an excellent reputation with the tax authorities and they highly value our opinions both during tax audits and in negotiating adapted solutions.
  • Security: we focus on prevention by systematically analysing and identifying tax risks in the preliminary stages. 
  • Expertise: we can save companies time by taking on full responsibility for handling VAT disputes.
  • Reliable international support: through CMS , we can take into account all VAT implications relating to flows of goods and services by companies.
  • European outlook: we were among the first firms to integrate European law into French tax law (case law on tolls, waste, entertainment expenses, dividends, etc.).  

Our clients

  • Major companies and SME s in all business sectors in industry and the service sector, including notably in real estate, high technology, pharmaceuticals, distribution and the press, as well as local authorities.
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